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Priza Technologies is a global provider of hardware and software development and design services & production. Its core offering is to execute hardware, software co-development turn-key projects for mass manufacturing/production level distribution. With 3 strategic locations worldwide, Priza has customers in over 5 countries.


Selected Past Work

1D-2D color code decoding from printed images

Client: Color Code Technologies, Japan

1 Dimensional Color Code                      2 Dimensional Color Code


Prizatech was responsible for developing the libraries & applications for decoding such codes on various mobile operating systems such as Symbian, iOS & Android.

The major challenges in this project were:

- Detection of the 1D & 2D code region

- Compensating for camera skew

- Color reproduction (using color quantization), under various lighting conditions and various paper colors & textures

- Performance (less than one sec for phones out in 2009)

- Robustness & high accuracy

Elliptical Augmented Reality Code Marker


Prizatech has invented the Elliptical Augmented Reality (EAR) code marker, and has developed fast & robust algorithms for detecting and tracking this marker.

It's circular design makes detection easier even when the code is skewed or seen through a poor camera.
It is aesthically appealing as the code can be placed on a light backgroud with a logo in the centre, as opposed to standard boring QR codes.

Color Correction & Image Enhancement for AR-enabled Pico Projectors


Left: Image projected by a pico projector, at a skew.
Right: Corrected image projected under same conditions.
Image undergoes color correction & enhancement, & perspective transformation correction.

A video demo of the above for correcting colors on a reddish surface

Secure Mobile Device

A secure mobile device attempts to authenticate a user based on whether his biometric information matches that on his smart card.

On the smart card is printed a QR code which contains this user authentication information.

Using this information, the device does face & fingerprint authentication.

This was implemented for an Android operating system. The application tracked the user's face in real time and continuously authenticated it, stopping once a certain similarity score was reached.

Other projects done

- Image Mosaicing

- Camera stabilization or Jerk removal

- Semantic Web/Natural Language Processing for increasing search relevance for Rediff.com

- Funval - a multi purpose user authentication system for Duzon (Korea)

- Digital Photo Frame - A digital photo frame that apart from photo sharing, also did video calls, allowed online shopping & auctions, showed news, weather, etc.

- Collaborative version-controlled document editing system for WriteMinds.

- Microsonic systems - A device with a 44MHz processing power to drive an RF based amplifier which eventually produced ultra-sonic waves, as well as control other parts of the system such as a water cylinder, etc.

- Helix Box - low cost device for driving educational content using the TV as a screen.