Taking ideas to reality!

How We Recruit

Our first contact with you will normally be via telephone. We want to talk to you, assess your attitude and potential fit with our culture. If we like you and like us, the next step is to meet up.

After telecon we call you for a written test, which is to test your fundamentals and aptitude. The written test is followed by a few detailed technical discussions, which are aimed to assess your compatibility with the position you are applying for.

We also participate in university and college campus recruitment, and go to local schools to help raise awareness on topics such as how to successfully manage your first interview. In the long term, some of these students may be future employees!


No matter what, we consider it important that applicants are relaxed enough to be themselves during our recruitment process. We want you to feel comfortable with the decision that you make.


The core requirement of Priza is creativity, innovation and ability to take concepts to working projects. We are more focused on the fundamentals and technical ability of a person and not on the knowledge of programming languages.

We assume that a competent, creative and able person is able to understand and learn skills and used them to complete the project requirements. What we need is the willingness to explore and execute with a great force.

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Who We Recruit

Our goal is to recruit the brightest and best talent. Our excellent retention rates are a reflection on how carefully we recruit - and then invest in - our staff.


We look for people who will be focused when it comes to delivering value for our clients and supportive of internal customers such as other staff. Hopefully by now you will have realised that professionalism, honesty, and an excellent can-do attitude are very important to our brand.